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Title: This Part, Too
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Rating: NC-17
Words: 200
Written for [community profile] mmom day 28 and [personal profile] rabidchild67.
Summary: Neal has misgivings about being uncut. Peter allays them.

“It’s beautiful,” Peter said, and Neal shied away. )
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Title: I Just Want Your Extra Time
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Rating: R
Written for [community profile] mmom day 21 and [personal profile] elrhiarhodan's prompt (and the Prince song of the same name) "Kiss".
Words: just shy of 600
Summary: Peter gets caught up in the happiness of attending a Knicks game with Neal.

He kissed him in the Taurus after the Knicks game. It was Neal’s first basketball game, and it was their first kiss. )
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Title: Foundation and Empire and the Unbearable Lightness of Being
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Characters: Neal, Peter, Kate
Rating: R
Words: 1,310
Written for [community profile] mmom day 17.
Warnings: Neal in prison. (No interaction with inmates other than briefly acknowledging the fact that a sexual assault on Neal *could* happen but hasn't. Just want to be very clear so you'll know if this fic is triggery for you or not.)
Summary: Neal lives for Thursdays when he gets to go to the library.

It was mostly bearable. )
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Title: Yes, Sir
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1,635
Written for [community profile] mmom day 15.
Content: Mild D/s
Summary: Peter catches Neal in the middle of enjoying a secret kink.

Neal was in one of his favorite positions: face down on the bed, rutting against the sheets, imagining Peter preparing to mount him. )
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Title: Do It
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Marsha/Tiffani (fictionalized)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: RPF
Words: 740
Written for [community profile] mmom's day 12.
Blame: THIS POST -- and [personal profile] rabidchild67 for daring me. ;-)
Summary: The photoshoot gets a teensy bit out of hand.

It had started as a joke, with Marsha pulling her squirt gun on Tiffani, Tiffani’s hands going up. )
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Title: Luck of the Draw
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Peter/Elizabeth/Neal's Cock
Rating: R
Words: 300
Written for [community profile] mmom's day 10 and [personal profile] elrhiarhodan's prompt "P/E/N -- Your kink is my kink."
Warnings: Sometimes I just have to objectify Neal; this is one of those times.

“You’re the best husband in the world,” El said. Her sapphire eyes were deep and satisfied, and Peter couldn’t help but smile at her. )
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Title: Just the One Time
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: El/(Diana)
Rating: NC-17
Words: 780
Spoilers: Checkmate/Post-Checkmate AU
Summary: El doesn't want to need this, but she does, just the one time.
Written for [community profile] mmom day 7, and [personal profile] elrhiarhodan's prompt "Diana/El, One Shot". I will now freely admit that I don't know what a one shot is. This is my take on what that might be. ;-)

Maybe it was because Diana had been the one to save her. That when she’d finally opened her eyes after the gunshot, it was to see Diana, her steady arms, her unblinking eye over the gun sight, and Keller dead across the room, his weapon still touching his fingers. )
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Title: Of What Would Burn
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Keller/Neal
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: NON-CON
Prompt: Keller/Neal -- Don't make me hurt you, by [personal profile] elrhiarhodan.
Summary: Neal does what he can to help save Elizabeth. Post-Countdown.
Words: 1,245
A/N: This barely qualifies for MMoM. I feel bad posting it as masturbation is definitely not the main focus of the action. That said, this is for [community profile] mmom, day 5!

Of What Would Burn )


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