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Title: Do It
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Marsha/Tiffani (fictionalized)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: RPF
Words: 740
Written for [community profile] mmom's day 12.
Blame: THIS POST -- and [personal profile] rabidchild67 for daring me. ;-)
Summary: The photoshoot gets a teensy bit out of hand.

It had started as a joke, with Marsha pulling her squirt gun on Tiffani, Tiffani’s hands going up. )
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Title: Just the One Time
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: El/(Diana)
Rating: NC-17
Words: 780
Spoilers: Checkmate/Post-Checkmate AU
Summary: El doesn't want to need this, but she does, just the one time.
Written for [community profile] mmom day 7, and [personal profile] elrhiarhodan's prompt "Diana/El, One Shot". I will now freely admit that I don't know what a one shot is. This is my take on what that might be. ;-)

Maybe it was because Diana had been the one to save her. That when she’d finally opened her eyes after the gunshot, it was to see Diana, her steady arms, her unblinking eye over the gun sight, and Keller dead across the room, his weapon still touching his fingers. )


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