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Title: Deconstructing Neal
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Rating: NC-17
Words: 365
Prompt from [personal profile] elrhiarhodan: Bouncy, Bouncy.
Content: PWP, mild humiliation

This – precisely this moment – was the one when his charm would die. )
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Title: How You Like It
Pairing: Diana/El
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Very Tight Leather by [personal profile] elrhiarhodan .
Words: 100

The leather hugged El’s breasts.  Diana watched the laces strain with her breath.

“Is this how you like it?” El asked, the skirt so short, Diana could practically see the wet dark place she craved.

Diana pinched one leather-covered nipple and drank El’s sigh.

“Yeah. This is how I like it.”

Then she went up the skirt, found the delicious hole with two fingers and pushed.

“Is this how *you* like it, Mrs. Burke?”

El just smiled and started to move.

Her breasts jiggled atop the press of leather and Di sank her face into their soft crease to lick.


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