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Title: This Part, Too
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Rating: NC-17
Words: 200
Written for [community profile] mmom day 28 and [personal profile] rabidchild67.
Summary: Neal has misgivings about being uncut. Peter allays them.

“It’s beautiful,” Peter said, and Neal shied away. Peter pulled Neal’s briefs down beneath his balls. Neal felt trapped, bound, imperfect.

Yet Peter was watching how it peeked at him, slippery red blooming through the foreskin. Peter stroked and pulled himself, his own cock the epitome of everything Neal had always wanted.

But when Peter blew him, Neal’s misgivings all but evaporated. Peter pulled on the elastic skin and Neal’s cock grew for Peter’s tongue. Peter laved every inch, paying particular attention to the way he could move the glistening head in and out of the sheath. Peter fondled it, playing, watching, until he became serious, taking it deep into his mouth, driven toward Neal’s climax.

Neal had no choice but to stretch out on the bed – to surrender and let Peter take him there.

It stunned him when Peter’s breath hitched, the tiniest groan vibrated through the mouth around his cock, and Peter came first. He came going down on Neal’s uncut cock.

All Neal could do was writhe, arch into the heat, spill over – “Peter…Peter” -- and believe for at least a few moments that Peter was right, like he always was. That this part, too, was beautiful.


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