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Title: Understanding
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Rating: NC-17
Words: 100x8
Prompts: [personal profile] elrhiarhodan's "Disobedient" and [profile] daria234's "Peter jacks off onto Neal's stomach. Come play ensues."
Warnings: Mild BDSM/bondage/punishment, come play
For: [community profile] mmom day 9!

Peter would love nothing more than to untie Neal’s spread-apart knees, unlock his cuffed wrists, and make love to him – even though Neal does look indescribably beautiful like this. If this weren’t part of the punishment, Peter would already be inside him, already be stroking his body and whispering I love yous.

Peter puts his own desires off for the good of the relationship and leaves Neal as-is. Neal doesn’t strain as Peter pulls on his own cock above him. Neal watches, longing clear in his eyes, but he knows better than to beg for something he won’t get yet.

Peter doesn’t aim it at Neal’s hole, readily visible, because Neal would like that too much. Same with stroking off on Neal’s cock or letting it fly on his chest or his face – God forbid his mouth. So Peter aims for Neal’s taut stomach, ignoring the hard, rosy cock and the way Neal’s pert hole winks at him.

“I don’t even want you to promise not to lie,” Peter tells him. He has to look away when Neal’s eyes plead. He looks at the place where soon he’ll spatter his come and says, “Just not about that. Not that, Neal.”

After he comes, Peter indulges and rubs his cock through it. Neal’s hard body provides excellent friction, and Peter spills a little more. He plays the head around a wet spot and then climbs up and feeds it to Neal. Neal opens his mouth and accepts the warm head of Peter’s slick cock, sucking. Peter takes it away, gets the head wet again, and again offers it to Neal’s waiting mouth. Neal closes his eyes. Peter leaves it there for two seconds too long. When Neal opens his eyes again and looks up at Peter it almost breaks his resolve.

Peter smears come on the head of his cock again but this time crouches at Neal’s uptilted bottom. He’s half-hard, and he tickles and nudges Neal’s entrance gently. Neal stifles what Peter knows would have been a plaintive groan. He feels the way relax for him – a silent begging. Peter slaps his dick down against Neal’s hole a few times, frustrating them both. Peter gets particularly cruel and inserts half a finger, fucking for all of five seconds before quitting. Neal is in agony.

“I don’t need you to be sorry,” Peter tells him. “I just need you to understand.”

Neal lifts his head, his face so imploring Peter just wants to cup it, to kiss him for hours.

“Yes, Neal?” Peter allows.

Neal licks his lips. “I understand. Understand… Peter…”

“I believe you,” Peter says on a sigh. It’s a relief, almost a joy, to hear Neal’s voice again after so long an imposed silence. “I believe you.” Then Peter does what he probably shouldn’t. He should walk away – should let the punishment resonate through Neal’s bound body for at least another twenty minutes.

But he doesn’t. He can’t. Because when all is said and done, he adores Neal.

Peter groans, “I have to eat that pretty cock,” pulling it toward his mouth, between his lips, taking it down, down, until it’s pressing the back of his throat and he knows he’ll gag if he tries for more. Neal tastes like salt and the bitter slick he’s been oozing. And then so much more of it floods his mouth – Neal, unable to hold out, coming, hips ineptly thrusting even as his legs are held immobile. Peter loves how quickly Neal’s undone, but he doesn’t stop when Neal finishes.

The first orgasm was for Neal; the second is for him.

He sucks Neal hard again. He spends a lot of time petting Neal’s legs as they shake. He pets Neal’s asshole. Peter suckles just the head of Neal’s cock until he comes between his lips – barely anything, almost dry – but Peter loves the twitch and flex of the muscle inside his mouth – the scream that tears through Neal’s throat.

He crawls up his body again, this time unlocking the cuffs. He eases Neal’s arms down slowly while Neal hisses. Then they hold each other. Neal’s arms around him are as tight as his legs are open. They breathe, tight together.

They kiss. They kiss for days. They kiss until Peter’s cock gets hard again. Peter starts to untie Neal’s legs.

“No.” Neal stops him with a soft hand on his arm. “Please. Like this?”

Peter nods. He aims. He enters him. Neal throws his head back.

Peter fucks him soundly, and Neal clings to him all the while even as his legs are pried impossibly wide apart. It’s too much, and Peter comes up inside him, Neal panting, “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” and scratching at Peter’s back.

“I love you,” Peter whispers into Neal’s ear.

“I understand,” Neal whispers back.


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