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Title: Just the One Time
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: El/(Diana)
Rating: NC-17
Words: 780
Spoilers: Checkmate/Post-Checkmate AU
Summary: El doesn't want to need this, but she does, just the one time.
Written for [community profile] mmom day 7, and [personal profile] elrhiarhodan's prompt "Diana/El, One Shot". I will now freely admit that I don't know what a one shot is. This is my take on what that might be. ;-)

Maybe it was because Diana had been the one to save her. That when she’d finally opened her eyes after the gunshot, it was to see Diana, her steady arms, her unblinking eye over the gun sight, and Keller dead across the room, his weapon still touching his fingers.

The arms that had gone around her, draped the purple FBI jacket around her shoulders, had been hers. The same woman who had taken that shot, made the decision, taken Keller down, had been the one whose arms had been gentle, had held her.

It was Diana’s voice she heard in the middle of the night when she woke in a sweat: “It’s okay. I’ve got you. He can’t hurt you. It’s over.”

Elizabeth couldn’t stop hearing it, couldn’t stop seeing the strength in her soft brown eyes. Diana had become a sort of touchstone for her – a way to feel safe and good.

It was just the one time. It was only so that she could finally sleep. It was 3 am and Peter was passed out beside her. It was one of those nights when she didn’t want to wake him – didn’t want to need that anymore. She didn’t want to be not okay.

She opened the bedside table drawer as quietly, as slowly as she could. She withdrew the thing she needed and tiptoed out of the bedroom, the guilt like acid in her throat but the need greater.

El made her way to the guest room and shut the door. She crawled under the covers, curled onto her side, pulled a pillow down between her legs, and turned the vibrator on. She held it between her thighs at first, just letting it warm, letting the sensations begin, mild and comforting.

She felt Diana’s arms around her, her breath against her neck. In her mind, Diana’s hand reached out and brushed the hair out of El’s eyes, tucked it behind her ear. Diana said, “I’m gonna take you away from all this.”

And then they were in a bed, like this bed, warm and together, and Diana undressed her. El moved the long vibe up her inner thighs, mewling, curling into Diana’s warmth. “Easy…” Diana soothed. “I’ve got you.”

El grasped her nipple between thumb and forefinger and imagined Diana doing it through the lace of her bra. “I’ll take care of you.” Pulling on her nipple until it was tight and El was undulating into Diana’s hand for more.

Diana undid her pants and withdrew her silky, vibrating cock. El curled into her body for protection, for heat, for touch. She spread her legs. Diana bent her head and took a tit into her mouth, and El whimpered. The thing slid between her legs, slid along her wet cunt. Diana shoved El’s bra up, baring her breasts, and El arched into her mouth.

“Please…” El whispered to the empty room. “Please…” She aimed the vibe at her entrance and nudged.

Diana rocked against her, pushing just the head in and then pulling it out. El was out of her mind with wanting it. Diana rolled on top of her, and El held onto the headboard, her breasts rising up, wet nipples aching for a mouth. But Diana pushed, and her cock slid home, vibrating her whole body from the inside. El lifted and opened her legs. They started to rock.

Diana said to her, “I’ve got you. You’re mine, and I’ve got you.” She fucked El good and deep, and she said, “You can fly apart, baby. Fly, baby. It’s okay.”

And something in El annihilated. Something gathered in, like atomic energy, and then burst out. Diana fucked her, and El groaned, moving under it, unmoored from it all – from her life, from her fears, from herself. She was a pulsing thing on the end of Diana’s cock, moaning incoherently, sweating and perfect. Gone.

And then the shocks spread apart, left her exhausted, and El pulled the pillow to her chest and imagined Diana holding her, on top of her, protecting her, still stroking her, cradling her through the shuddering end.

El made sure she didn’t fall asleep there, although it was a relief to know that she could finally. She rolled out of the bed, pulling down her nightshirt and pulling up her panties. She took the vibe and tiptoed back down the hall, legs trembling. She put it away on her side of the bed and crawled back in next to Peter. He mumbled, and she cuddled into his side. His arm came around her in sleep, and she sighed.

It was just the one time.

El closed her eyes, letting go, and slept.

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