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Title: Burn
Author: [personal profile] coffeethyme4me
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Rating: R
Prompt: beard burn
Words: 520
A/N: This is for my dear friend, [personal profile] elrhiarhodan, who needs a pick-me-up today. Love you!

Peter watched Neal squirm in his seat.

“Quit looking,” Neal said in a quiet hiss next to him.

The man at the lectern droned on and on, but Peter sighed and tried to turn his attention back and concentrate. Still, every few minutes Neal would have to resituate, gingerly changing positions, perching on one side of his butt and then the other.

Peter cleared his throat and narrowed his eyes on the speaker, attempting to look earnestly captivated by anything other than Neal Caffrey.

He was doing an okay job – Peter was rather proud of himself – when Neal sighed and recrossed his legs for the fifteenth time.

“Shh,” Peter admonished. “You won’t learn anything if you don’t listen.”

Neal scoffed, “Oh, that’s rich coming from you.”

Peter feigned innocence. “What?”

Neal hid his lips behind his hand and chastised him, “Honestly, Peter. The next time we have to attend a mandatory sexual harassment avoidance seminar, it’d be nice if you didn’t leave beard burn on my balls and asshole the night before.”

Peter smiled to himself. “Wouldn’t be nice for me,” he replied.

Neal tapped his foot.

“And what are you complaining about? You were begging me to do it,” Peter whispered back.

“Rim me, yes. Not flay my skin off.”

“Drama queen.”


“You loved it about...” Peter checked his watch, “seven hours ago.”

Neal flipped idly through the booklet the seminar had provided. “I’m filing charges. Barker up there says I can file charges.”

“Burstein,” Peter corrected, smirking. “What if I agree to administer…first aid during the break?”

“First aid?”

“In the men’s room.”


“I brought aloe.”

Neal finally looked at him.

Peter didn’t return the stare. He just shrugged. “Got it from the hotel guest pantry.”

“Is this your idea of romance, Peter?”

“Read your manual,” Peter reprimanded. Neal sighed and complied. It was Peter’s turn to cover his lips with his hand. “I’ll soothe that maligned little orifice of yours,” he said. “Then I’m gonna suck your cock until you’d be screaming my name if your own tie weren’t stuffed in your mouth.”

He heard Neal swallow. “And if I don’t agree to these outrageous demands…*boss*?”

“Then you are shit outta luck, Caffrey.”

This was the first time Neal smiled. Peter couldn’t help but return it, though they stalwartly refused to look at one another.

Neal said, “You are so on,” flipping pages nonchalantly.

Peter slipped his hand onto Neal’s thigh and squeezed. “It’s a date.” He took his hand away.

“Who said seminars like this couldn’t be both fun and educational. I’m learning a great deal about you today, Special Agent Burke.”

“Take notes on the rest for me,” Peter told him. “Meet me up in the third floor men’s room in ten minutes. I’m going to sexually harass you until you can’t see straight.”

Before he could stand to go, Neal tugged on his pant leg to get him to stay. “Wish I could kiss you,” he said.

“You can in ten minutes, Caffrey.”

“You’re the best boss ever.”

Peter chuckled, already halfway to a stellar erection, and stood up to leave.


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